Welcome to the Financial Triage

A 360-degree overview of the financial side of your business taking you from cash-strapped to financially thriving ending the unanswered question of where did the money go?


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    Gather Financial Data

    You'll need to provide access to your financial information. This includes items such as your prior year tax return, access to your accounting system, access to merchant accounts and/or shopping carts, and any other financially related information. This can include business loan documents.

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    Financial Goals

    I need to understand where you're headed with your business. You'll receive a link via email to a questionnaire where you can detail your financial goals and what you're currently doing to get there, if anything.

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    Enter Financial Triage

    I'll get to work behind the scenes, reviewing all your financial data and looking at where you want to go. This is when I put together your full financial review report detailing where you are and what you need to do to get to where you're going.

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    We'll connect for a 1:1 session to review your report and highlight the 3 most important areas you should focus on. Please note, implementation is not included. We'll discuss strategies you can employ based on the full report.

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