Time For Your Mid-Year Tax Review

Congratulations on taking proactive action with your taxes! I know I don't like a surprise tax bill and glad to see you don't either.


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    Gather Financial Data

    This is almost like preparing a mini tax return. I'll need a current year to date profit and loss for the self-employed, last paycheck stub showing tax withholding, and any financially related changes such as birth of new child, a new college student, sold/purchased a house, investment activity, etc.

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    Pending Changes

    Are you expecting an inheritance to pay-out, starting a new business, income greatly increased or any other changes that haven't started but you are expecting to start before the year-end.

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    We'll connect for a 1:1 session to review your report and highlight recommended strategies you should focus on. Please note, implementation is not included. We'll discuss strategies you can employ based on the full report.

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