Getting Clients But Bank Account Like WTF?

Time for a cash flow intervention at the CashFlow Rehab.

You worked your 9-5 tirelessly building someone else's dream only to live paycheck to paycheck. You jumped ship and landed in entrepreneurship (the quickest path to wealth by the way) only to find yourself living client to client.

What gives?

You're exhausted, frustrated, and on the brink of burn out.

You've asked yourself time and time again...

  • Why isn't the profit from my Profit and Loss report match the bank account?
  • Why do I still have days searching for gas money when I'm making 6 figures per year?
  • Where is the money going?

You've heard the advice from the gurus and coaches...

:: Increase your prices

:: Add more value

:: Get more clients

:: Curb your spending

But you often resort to working more hours, taking on more clients, and adding more service offerings and products.


This isn't the answer. There's a better way.

The answer is right within your numbers.

Time For Your Cash Flow Intervention!

Hey! I'm Senica Evans

Money Tamer, Accountant, + Profit Strategist

I help you gain control of your finances to end the money management headaches and frustrations.

Using strategic "money taming" practices, you can be financially free to bring your client's visions to life while I make sure you keep more of your money, increase your profits, and can flaunt your fabulousness.

Who the heck am I?

I'm a former Criminal Investigator for Tax Crimes, former Tax Auditor, and accountant. Taxes are kinda my jam and so is deciphering business' numbers to help you, the owner, make better data-driven decisions.

Here's a few other fun facts:


Kolbe: 8-6-2-3

Astrology: Cancer/Leo Cusp

Shift Gifts: Love and Order

Superpower: Breaking the complex into understandable terms. Teaching

Let's Work Together

CashFlow Rehab (Done-with-You service)

Welcome to the CashFlow Rehab, we'll work together to get your cash game under control -- once and for all.

As my client, I make sure

  • :: You uncover money sitting on your books
  • :: Plug money leaks draining your profits
  • :: You have an organized, clean set of books that provide you with all the details your need to make decisions. Every. Month.
  • :: How to predict upcoming feast or famine cycles and prepare for them.
  • :: The best time of the month to pay your bills so you're left with money to spare.

What's Included

  • :: A full 5-hour day intensive session getting laser focused on improving your cash flow.
  • :: Behavior action plan. You'll leave our time together with an action plan to help you correct money behaviors that stalled you in the past.
  • :: 3-months of accountability and follow-up. You'll be part of the Accountant-on-Call group where you'll receive accountability nudges, workshops, and other private member perks.
  • :: The Stay Until It's Done guarantee. I'll work with you until we have it all figured out and a rock solid plan in place to make sure you won't relapse when the program is complete.

Financial Investment

$1,500 for the entire CashFlow Rehab stay

How To Get Started

  1. Complete the form below to get started. Once you submit the form, you'll receive a questionnaire via email.
  2. Gimme the deets! Complete the questionnaire to help me get up to speed on what's happening in your business, what hasn't worked, and your immediate goals.
  3. Schedule. Once I receive your questionnaire, I;ll review and send you a link to schedule your call.
  4. Be Amazed. We'll work together to get laser focused on your goals and improving your cash flow almost immediately.